­Wynn Geary is a Junior studying Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. Before moving to Providence he lived in Philadelphia for eighteen years where he attended the Science Leadership Academy.

Wynn has worked for a number of graphic and industrial design firms including PlusUs, Public Workshop and Tiny WPA. Where he assisted in designing curricula and building adventure playgrounds.

Today Wynn is exploring his identity through his work while continuing his interest in urban agriculture.



Where are you living?


Where’s your resume?

Right here  



What can I get started for you?

I’ll have the usual


Where’d you get your glasses?

They’re the Aloe green Milton frames by Warby Parker. Sometimes I wear my Roland sunglasses in Rose Guava though. 


What are you listening to?

Well, here’s a playlist. Can you tell what kind of  mood I’m in?


What’s font are you using?

It’s probably Tilda by Jessica Hische