Hi, I’m Wynn. I’m a senior at the Rhode Island School of Design studying Industrial Design with a concentration in Nature, Culture, and Sustainability Studies. Before moving to Providence, I lived in Philadelphia where I attended the Science Leadership Academy, Project Learn, and The Miquon School

Growing up in the woods of Miquon’s ten acre campus, I came to understand the ecosystem in which I played. I learned how rain water trickled down the sloping hills and into the creek where I built shelters for wayward newts. I witnessed honeybees leaving their hive to gather nectar from the apple trees outside my classroom window. I grew to understand everything as an ecosystem and learned how my classmates and I affected the spaces we occupied. Since arriving in Providence four years ago, I’ve thought of RISD’s campus as an ecosystem of sorts.

How could I, like a mad botanist, graft my perfect experience between the majors? I learned about woodworking, branding, model making, typography, UI/UX design, and found that my understanding of ecosystems gave me a unique pre-disposition for systems and user experience design. I’ve discovered that I can make the invisible systems around me visible to others.

I’ve put these skills to work as the president of the RISD Beekeeping Club, and for the companies I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the last few years. At PlusUs, I assisted in designing curricula for use in middle and high school classrooms. At Public Workshop and Tiny WPA, I designed and built adventure playgrounds, helped manage their maker space, and helped build community with the Philadelphia Water Department. Most recently, I worked as a design intern at The Best Bees Company in Boston, helping to elevate their brand identity.

Now I’m seeking new and exciting post-grad opportunities. Let’s talk!