I spent the summer of 2018 as a Design Intern at The Best Bees Company in Boston. Best Bees is America’s largest beekeeping services company, meaning they have a team of trained beekeepers who service honeybee hives in people’s backyard gardens and on the rooftops of some of the tallest office buildings nationwide. While working there, I collaborated with Creative Director Paige Mulhern to elevate the brand by refining existing print materials, defining a style guide, and designing new physical and print materials including the corporate brochure featured above. 


An assortment of print materials that I used as inspiration throughout the summer.

An assortment of print materials that I collected as inspiration while working at The Best Bees Company in Boston


  1. Promotional postcards
  2. Business cards
  3. Booklet about custom-painted beehive service
  4. Botanical Illustration prints by Paige Mulhern
  5. Cards for beehive sales at garden centers
  6. Welcome booklet for new clients


Throughout the summer I brought a more consistent look and feel to the brand’s print materials. Shown here is Best Bee’s new 8oz honey jar which is now on the shelves of Boston Whole Foods stores, along with updated stationary, business cards, region-specific postcards, and a new corporate brochure.

Photography by: Anthony Fusco

TED Talk

One of my first assignments of the summer was to assist Best Bee’s CEO Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich with the graphics for his third TEDx talk entitled “Honeybees from Cape Cod to Mars”. I worked with the creative team to create a simple and graphically effective slideshow for Noah’s forward thinking presentation.

I’ll be continuing to work with Best Bees’s nonprofit – The Urban Beekeeping Lab and Bee Sanctuary on my thesis project this Spring developing designs for a next-generation smart beehive.