Facebook Live Experiment

As a research experiment for our “Mission” class that focused around materializing social media, my project partners Liz Lee, Henry Song, and I “went live” for 24 hours straight using Facebook Live. We recorded ourselves eating, sleeping, and even using the bathroom for a full day and engaged with our friends as they watched us.

This experiment evolved from the idea of breaking down the barrier between the personas we all have on social media and our real lives.

The experiment also forced us to think about the “code switching” between different viewers we do every day on our different forms of social media. For example, What are we willing to post on Snapchat that we might not feel comfortable posting on Instagram or Facebook? This experiment forced us to go about our day as if every 900+ of our friends were watching us.

After performing the experiment, the three of us put together an infographic that broke down our findings. We gathered and displayed numerical data like the total number of viewers, but then had to choose how to convey our qualitative data. Above you can see the final infographic with the data from my experiment.