Since 2012 my family has been building an urban farm in our backyard. We’ve become a part of the vibrant urban farming community in Philadelphia, sitting on the board of the Philadelphia Beekeeper’s Guild, selling our goods at local farmers markets, and connecting with the owners of local shops and restaurants.

All of our products are as simple and pure as possible, with no unnecessary additives. The Manayunk Farm Brand conveys this through simple branding, stunning photographs and easy to understand labeling. You can learn more by visiting

  1. Kristoph, the patriarch of the Manayunk Farm flock. This image has become one of the iconic images of the Manayunk Farm brand.

  2. Manayunk Farm’s best selling product is our wildflower honey. This label is attached to every bottle we sell. Each bottle is filled, corked, sealed with beeswax and a label is attached with string.

  3. The label was designed to be beautiful while being customizable. Each label has three blank areas where the bottle’s size, zip code where the hive was located, and price can be written in by hand.

  4. Two of Manayunk Farm’s hens, one a Buff Orpington, the other a Swedish Flower Hen. These two are some of the farm’s best egg layers.

  5. The label for Manayunk Farm’s circular egg containers. Designed with areas to write in the product’s quantity and price.

  6. The homepage of the Manayunk Farm website. Built using WordPress and custom HTML.

    ▲  The Manayunk Farm table at the Pretzel Park Farmers Market in 2016.

    “Manayunk Farm is an urban farm in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia. We have a small garden, a few fruit trees, chickens and beehives in our backyard. It all started over the Winter of 2012 when my mother and I read “Farm City” by Novella Carpenter and were inspired to get 3 chickens that Spring. The next Summer we joined the Philadelphia Beekeeper’s Guild and started keeping bees.”

    Excerpt from the Manayunk Farm Website