Work For PlusUs

PlusUs is an educational design consultancy “working to re-imagine the future of learning”. While at PlusUs I assisted the team on projects for k-12 schools, universities, government organizations as well as education focused architecture firms.

I worked with PlusUs for 4 years from 2012-2015. I started as an intern for PlusUs founder Phil Holcombe my sophomore year of high school and was later hired as a part time designer for the summers of 2014 and 2015.


The League of Extraordinary Educators


In the Summer of 2015 PlusUs founded The League of Extraordinary Educators (LEE), a monthly informal gathering for educators. I worked with PlusUs intern Lola Fadojutimi to create the LEE logo and branding materials and later presented at the meeting about my experience asa student from a project based school environment.


Moody’s Mega Math Challenge

PlusUs collaborated with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics to create an open source math modeling toolkit. I assisted the team in the design of both the the Math modeling guidebook and the website.


The WQI Project


Over the Summer of 2014 PlusUs launched The Water Quality Index (WQI) Project. A pre-packaged curriculum for middle school students to collect water samples and test the quality of the water in their communities. I was tasked with creating the identity for the WQI project which is in use and still evolving today.